One Problem. One Solution.

The UnGlove is the ONLY product that does not 'enhance' the problem. Why on earth would you put on a glove and 'trap the heat'? It make NO Sense.

Available NOW, the solution to a sticky stroke that feels completely Natural!

ZERO Material between you and the table!


I Like using it! No more powder and it Looks Great wearing it!
Aldrin-Joshua-U (1)
Joshua Aldrin
I have been using one of Doug’s gloves for a couple of years now and I can honestly say I am unable to play without it. It has been a huge factor in the success I have had.
Jeffrey-Georges-e1468234273290 (1)
Jeffery Georges
Simply the smoothest and most comfortable glove to wear. It’s Amazing! Over time you don’t even realize you’re wearing it. Your hand stays cool and dry. Simply Fantastic!
Greg Harada
Janka and I

Janka and I

Janka and I have been working together since 2011. She's an amazing talent and has put her heart into the design and development of the UnGlove over the years.

And there's more to come!

Available at your favorite dealer!