v2.0 - Now Available

The New v2 UnGlove is the ONLY product that does not ‘enhance’ the problem.

Why on earth would you put on a glove and ‘trap the heat’? It makes NO Sense  – Common Sense

Available NOW, the solution to a sticky stroke that feels completely Natural!

The Pool Glove You've Always Dreamed Of

The NExT Generation in Pool Glove Design


The new modern design of the Unglove provides all the coverage you need, and none of the coverage you don't need.


The New v2 gives way to a more closely accurate, "One Size Fits All". They'll fit from a size 6 to a 13 based on your ring size. Hand size is different, if you have a 'chub' for a hand, they might not work for you.


The Smoothest, Slickest and Thinnest.
330gr Lycra 60% Thinner overall.


We will Guarantee the Unglove no matter where you've purchased it. We can't guarantee them for life, but if for some reason they don't work for you, get in touch with us within a reasonable amount of time and we'll get you taken care of.

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