Unglove Your Stroke

Gloves aren't for everyone, that's why there's the Unglove!

100% Satisfaction or your money back. Regardless of where you’ve purchased them.

Made in the USA

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Fast Shipping

No sweaty palms

V3s are Custom Fit

Cut them down to your finger length

Don't use this crap

You don't need it

The most Minimalistic Pool Glove Physically Possible!

All the benefits of a pool glove - none of the drawbacks!

Traditional Black




Limited time $17.95

V2's for Juniors and Women

What others think...

Excellent Product !!! I have never liked wearing a glove because they are bulky. The Unglove, is NOT like that, it is barely noticeable while shooting. Great product. I would recommend this product to everyone who plays billiards .

Paul Cogle

Verified Owner

Great product, been wearing a glove for years and tried the ungloved last week, won’t go back to regular glove. Fit and feel is great.

Justin B

Verified Owner

I hate those conventional gloves and fingerwrap is what I am looking for.
Great product, fast and free shipping, wonderful offer, and excellent seller.


Verified Owner

It wasn’t about sweaty palms for me, it was about a ding in my shaft. It sucks in more ways than one. With the Unglove I don’t feel it, no more distraction

James H

Verified Owner

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