Unglove v2 – Pool Player’s Pool Glove

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  • One size fits “darn-near-everybody”
  • Ring size Ladies 6+ to a Men’s 13+
  • Ambidextrous – Good for both lefties and righties
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Unglove v2 – The second generation of the NeXT Generation pool glove.

New and improved!

  • One size fits ALL!
  • Ring size Ladies 6+ to a 13+
  • Ambidextrous – Good for both left or right hand
  • Full control and feel of the cue and table
  • No fingertips to wear out
  • No more sweaty palms
  • No velcro

The last Glove you’ll ever buy!

26 reviews for Unglove v2 – Pool Player’s Pool Glove

  1. John T

    I like the new thinner material. But the thumb could be a little bit longer (and I have short fingers) for me. Overall…nice work on your new product!

  2. njclistmail

    I used it for the first time last night. I think the new material is an improvement and the tighter fit is welcome – my old one always felt like it was going to slip off my fingers. The reason for the one star deduction is that the base of the thumb kept rolling up on me. I think hemming the base of the fingers and thumb might make them more resistant to rolling – but other than that I think the new version is a winner.

  3. Ami Hatchett

    This product has hands down improved my stroke without the shadow of a doubt. It is well made, lightweight, and very comfortable. I did not think my stroke needed improvement until I used the Unglove, now I don’t want to shoot without it. You still have the comfort of feeling the felt and your stick but the accuracy to assist with any flaw. Works really well with sweaty hands. Thank you Unglove, for such an awesome design!

  4. Jon Waldorf

    Never been able to use a standard glove, and hate to always fool with powder. This has solved all problems. I keep at least 2 with me at all times just in case I set one down and need it! Love Them!!

  5. Justin B

    Great product, been wearing a glove for years and tried the unloved last week, won’t go back to regular glove. Fit and feel is great.

  6. Paul Cogle

    Excellent Product !!! I have never liked wearing a glove because they are bulky. The Unglove, is NOT like that, it is barely noticeable while shooting. Great product and you do not have to worry about sweaty hands or sticky fingers . I had a question about my order and received a very quick response to my email. I would recommend this product to everyone who plays billiards .

  7. jonwaldorf

    Love it! Don’t even realize I have it on at times. No need for powder!

  8. abmojica

    I hate those conventional gloves and fingerwrap is what I am looking for.
    Great product, fast and free shipping, wonderful offer, and excellent seller.

  9. Don Freitas

    Great investment love it, no more powder and excellent doing business with you guys.. 😀

  10. Rob Tao

    I was a skeptic. It only took one time just to try it on and shoot with it. I was hooked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In a word – No. Do we guarantee that it’ll fit you, YES! We have spent years developing the Unglove, currently now in version 2. The Unglove has been tested down the the mm in an attempt to fit as many ring sizes as possible.

Locally we have ring sizes from ladies 6 to men’s 13 playing with them and Love em’. That being said, ring size and hand size are 2 different things. If you have a ring size of a 6 you could have long fingers, or short fingers. If you have short fingers you probably have a short span between your thumb and forefinger, this might pose a problem if you have tiny hands overall. On the other end, you may have a ring size of 13 and an average size hand or you could have chubs/meaty paws. If your hands are too ‘fat’, you could have a problem also. Either way, we’ll guarantee it if you want to give it a shot.

They have been made in Poland since 2011.They now locally available from Powell, Wyoming.

Yes! We are so confident in our product we offer a 100% replacement guarantee until the “size is Right” (did ya see that?)

Regardless of where you bought it, get in touch and we’ll get you taken care of. 

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We stand by our products 100%. If for any reason you aren’t 100% satisfied…and you don’t get in touch…We aint gonna be so happy. On the other hand, if you love em’ let us know that too with a comment of love.


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