Unglove v2 – The second generation of the NeXT Generation pool glove.

New and improved!

  • One size DOES NOT fit ALL!
  • Fits Ring sizes 5 to a 10
  • Ambidextrous – Good for both left or right hand
  • Full control and feel of the cue and table
  • No fingertips to wear out
  • No more sweaty palms
  • No Velcro

The last glove you’ll ever buy!

These are the Unglove V2’s that never saw the light of day.
They came in just a little small to be called a 1-size-fits all so they never made it to market. Until Now!

We’ve got V1’s for ring sizes 9-15 (Click Here!)
And for V3’s you can (Click here).


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About Unglove

The Unglove is the Ultimate pool glove replacement. With ZERO extra material. You will have full control and feel of the table without any of the problems with sweat or stickiness that comes with the humidity of a normal glove

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