Unglove v3 – Pool Player’s Pool Glove

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Unglove v3

is Truly the NeXT Generation in pool gloves.

Cut To Length? That’s NeXt Gen type sh!t right there!

100% 1 Size Fits All! We Guarantee It!
From a ring size 4.5 to 15 and cut the fingers to your desired length!

Self-Healing Material and “Heavy Duty” Self-Healing Stitching!

– Made In The USA!

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8 reviews for Unglove v3 – Pool Player’s Pool Glove

  1. Bogs

    I dont usually review, but Unglove is the best! Really good material and guaranteed last a long time!

  2. Skott Hughes (verified owner)

    Doug at Un-glove V3 has created the best (glove) on the market. NASA tech material is super smooth and makes shooting seem unreal. One size fits all, yuppp.
    Easy to customize, and looks good too. Won my first tournament out with it, so I’ve not even broke out the back up yet. Order 2 and you’ll never need another! A1 product. Get a couple before they sale out!

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    Image #1 from Skott Hughes
  3. Skott Hughes (verified owner)

    Doug has created this Un-glove V3 and it’s amazing. Won my first tournament out with it. Custome fit to your own hand size! Durable! Amazing, you will never use another glove of any kind again.

  4. Rose (verified owner)

    I really love unglove products, I have several that are still going after a few years, they just stretched out a little so I ordered the new version. I really love the material and the texture, my cue glides over it like butter. It’s so much better than any glove! People are regularly asking me where I got mine. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I wish the strap in between the forefinger and thumb was a little shorter for my tiny hands.

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    Image #1 from Rose
    • Doug M (store manager)

      Rose, I hear you loud and clearly. We actually shortened it just a bit this week. If you wouldn’t mind, would you shoot a photo of you open bridge and send it to [email protected] just your hand palm side up? Would love to see how it fits all around. Thank you for your photo and review! I added a note to your order with a $5 coupon as a thank you for uploading a photo. Thank you again!

  5. Ever M

    Favorite unglove version to date! I’ve had the previous 2 and this is by far the best overall. Better quality, better fit, better feel. I’ve been using the black unglove for a week now. Highly recommended!

    • Doug M (store manager)

      Thanks Ever M, we really appreciate your loyalty. That v2, we’re not so proud of anymore. We appreciate you coming back and giving V3 a go. Happy Holidays!

  6. Wayne Studaker

    After using a full glove, but having sweaty hands, I decided to try the Unglove V1 and once I used it for a few years, it was time for a replacement. Now I have the V3 it is much smoother fabric, better fit, and I even forget I’m wearing a glove while I play. I saw several on line, but found they were knock-off V2’s from China and wanted to buy this one, as it is made in the U.S.A. After the sale, Doug was very good, even calling to see if it arrived ok and how I liked it. Great glove and great place to do business.

    • Doug M (store manager)

      I have the same issue with warm hands. I never wore a glove because of it but when we started making these, I can’t play without them. The China issue, yeah, I fought them on Amazon. Had to buy them a couple of times and then report them as knock-offs. They were using the Unglove branding and images. Now they use Fingerwraps… which is what we called them the first year 10yrs ago. Championsports on Amazon, stay away.

  7. Derrick Tran

    Great product. You can cut to whatever size you want. It does not fray at the cuts. I like it way better than the previous versions. Even though it is a little thicker than the previous versions, it is still very smooth for strokes. I would guess that it is thicker just because of the more durable material used. 5 stars because of great quality and durability. The only small issue I have is that the thumb is a little tight, but I am sure it will stretch out.

    • Doug M (store manager)

      Thanks Derrick for the feedback on the thumb. We just did some ring size testing last with the bartender at league with a ring size of 5. She said it was perfect. Also put it on a 13+ and he said it was a little tight as well but figured it would loosen up over time. Let us know!

  8. Louise Santos

    AWESOME PRODUCT! I don’t normally write reviews for anything, but i will make an exception for this one. First things first I’ve personally owned V1 and V2 but let me tell you. This is by far the best Unglove version they’ve produced the material is INSANE! Cut them the way you want them and the material will not fray, stretch them and the material will not break. This is a one TRUE size fits all. Very comfortable to play with smooth like a butter. If I can give more stars in my review I’ll give this product 10 stars. Fellas if you don’t have this in your cue case you are missing a lot in your game. Unglove always stands on their product. Again best glove I’ve owned and you should own a couple. Thanks

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    Image #1 from Louise Santos
    Image #2 from Louise Santos
    • Doug M (store manager)

      Thank you Louise. It was great getting your feedback when we spoke. I wish we could get 10 stars as well, and I’m the one that built the website ;). Have a Great Holiday Season!

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Frequently Asked Questions

In a word – YES! And We Guarantee IT!

We have spent years developing the Unglove, currently now in version 3. The Unglove has been tested down the the mm in an attempt to fit as many ring sizes as possible.

Locally we have ring sizes from 4.5 to a 14 playing with them and Love em’.

In Wyoming, USA!