It’s been a long haul for the last couple of years trying to scale the Unglove production. We currently have 1200 on backorder and it’s a bit much for 1 person part time.

From finding the right material after months and months of searching and thinking it’s finally shown up right here in a local store and getting the first 1200 made … to the local store owner not being able to get it again. Nor does he have any info on it.

Then spending another 9 months with a fabulous woman, at one specific company, searching and sending sample after sample and none of them fitting the bill, until she finally finds it.

We order enough material to make about 1500 of them at crazy prices per yd. and proceed to cut them by hand. 4800 pieces of material. And the whole time looking for more crafters to sew them locally. (That’s another story all in and of itself. Thank goodness for Athina)

Cut by hand, never again. Retail for material, never again.

From the sales of those first 1200…

Screen capture from American Made MFG

We immediately purchased 135yds of material, sent it to California and had it machine cut. Enough to make 8000 Ungloves.

Now who’s going to sew them?

I thought I found a company on the East coast but that turned out to be a 3 month joke. They literally sent me samples to Wyoming’s State 8ball tournament to show off, and they were a joke. grrrr

I don’t know why I didn’t find Sunny at American Made Manufacturing in Denver, CO earlier, but I must have just hit the right keywords on a Google search.

On the phone with Sunny, she was confident they could just slip it into their line and knock them out.

From everything I see on their website, it makes sense. They’re a commercial textile sewing and manufacturing company, shouldn’t be an issue and I wanted to meet her, she was amazing to talk to on the phone and I wanted to check it out.

We sit down, I show her the product and in about 2 minutes she looks at her head seamstress and back and me and says with a look of ‘oh wow’, “We don’t have a machine to do these stitches.” ….. huh?

Come to find out, their machines don’t do the stitches we’ve been doing.

High end fancy home machines have 400 different stitches, commercial sewing machines don’t.

Sunny and her team have been bustin’ their butts working on getting some of their commercial machines setup to bring the Unglove to the masses.

They’ve been working on it for about 3 weeks, trying to rework things and dial in 1 machine she has that can do a different stich up the seam, but still make it cuttable.

I just got a USPS notification that samples will arrive on Saturday.
Fingers are crossed, but not worried in the slightest.

If what she’s been able to come up with on the machines she has don’t past the mustard, she’ll invest in a couple of the same machine Athina is using, and we’ve already lined up a new-used one.

More about Sunny and American Made Apparel MFG
It’s an older video, from about 3yrs ago.

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